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linepipe a53 steel

Brands: Shanghai Katalor
Transport: By bulk or Containers;
Supply ability : 3000 metric tons/ month;
Payment terms : L/C, T/T;

Katalor have linepipe a53 steel suppliers and manufacturer ,if you need linepipe a53 steel price and specification ,please contact us.


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    Line Pipe, SMLS, API 5L X52, 8", Sch.80, BE, 12m, ASME B36.10. Type: Line Pipe, Seamless, API 5L X52, 12 m, Anti-rust black coating, With End Cap. ... China Galvanized Grooved Pipe Manufacturer Lufeng Provides Galvanized Grooved Seamless Steel Pipes, SCH 40, ASTM A53 GR B, Length 5.8M, 6 Inch OD. Galvanized Grooved Seamless Pipe, SCH 40, A53 GR ...

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    DIN 30670 Polyethylene coatings of steel pipes and fittings Packing: Plastic Plugs in both ends, Hexagonal Bundles of max. 2,000kg with several Steel Strips, Two Tags on each bundle, Wrapped in Waterproof Paper, PVC Sleeve, and Sackcloth with several Steel Strips, Plastic Caps.

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    The second phase of about 60 million dollars, he said, would build an advanced equipped steel pipe production unit with another production capacity of 150,000 tons yearly. The third phase would establish an OCTG (tubing, casing, drill pipe and line pipe) production unit and matching equipment valued at 10 million dollars, he said.

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    of iron or steel, of a capacity not exceeding 300l, whether or not lined or heat-insulated, but not fitted with mechanical or thermal equipment. 7310.10 7310.10 100 ... - Line pipe of a kind used for oil or gas pipelines - Casing, tubing and drill pipe, of a kind use in drilling for oil or gas:

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    Granulated slag (slag sand) from the manufacture of iron or steel. 2619.00.00 Slag, dross (other than granulated slag), scalings and other waste from the manufacture of iron or steel.

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